Welcome to the Nelson Branch of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand (Inc.)

In Nelson we have always had a number of car enthusiasts restoring and driving vehicles from the past, and the public have always supported and encouraged old cars in a good humoured fashion – perhaps the film ‘Genevieve’ in 1954 influenced this to some extent.

In 1958, following the success of the Picton Rally, Nelson members of the Canterbury branch were asked to provide a display of veteran cars to help the celebration of the Centennial of the establishment of Nelson as a City. Requests to members in Christchurch resulted in a spectacular turnout of cars whose owners were paid expenses and provided with accommodation.


Why Join Us

If you own or have an interest of any motor vehicle older than 30 years, Japanese, European or other. You are welcome to join our Club.

Calendar of Events

The Nelson Vintage Car Club has a large number of events planned throughout the year. Click on the button below to view these events.